2nd stop: Atlanta

We read at the Mint Gallery along with two local readers and two bands, to benefit the nascent Atlanta Zine Library.

Amanda at merch table

Reading highlights

  • The gallery was super cute, and the event coordinator, Amanda Mills, was very gracious. Please send her some zines.
  • Celia’s family and some local friends were in attendance
  • On the way there from New Orleans we ate what I’m referring to as “Alabama tapas” at a strip mall cafe. Advice to traveling veg*ans: you can often get three sides of vegetable (mostly) dishes, when there are few veg-friendly options. Our sides all came in their own dish, so the table was crowded with yam sticks, lima beans, grilled vegetables, green salad, and steamed broccoli
  • three of us stayed at the C7 community warehouse infoshop afterward, which was a fascinating experience. Man, those hackers and slackers smoke a lot of cigarettes!
  • yummylicious breakfast at Ria’s Bluebird (watch out, the site makes music)
  • tofu scramble means something different in the south than it does in the north.
  • my first long drive in the zine mobile (7 hours, and we lost an hour going from the central to the eastern time zone), was quite enjoyable

More photos from Atlanta


2 thoughts on “2nd stop: Atlanta

  1. The tofu is an ingredient, rather than a base. In the tofu scrambles I’m used to, tofu is used in lieu of eggs. The other ingredients are scrambled in it. The southern tofu scrambles were more like a stir fry with tofu cubes included.

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