3rd stop: Murfreesboro

Linebaugh Zine Collection poster

Reading at Linebaugh and spending time with zine librarian Jerianne Thompson and her family was a double treat.

  • the audience was an interesting mix of the kind of folks who more ordinarily attend public library programs, local zine aficionados, a librarian who drove over from Nashville on company time, and some friends of Debbie’s
  • we got to see the library’s zine collection
  • we got to see Zine World headquarters and meet a 6-year-old science fiction geek in training
  • had a neat conversation about zine union catalog ideas with a local coder
  • Debbie was pre-enamored of Tennessee and not disappointed
  • debriefing that night with Denny & Jerianne–one of the most enjoyable evenings of the tour
  • John got to experience Cracker Barrel (he seems unimpressed with the southern phenomenon that is grits and was baffled by the whipped cream that was heaped generously on his pancakes)
  • postcards from Walgreens

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3 thoughts on “3rd stop: Murfreesboro

  1. Thanks for letting those of us who couldn’t make it to a stop experience the tour vicariously.

    I’m working on a dissertation about bookmobiles as tools for building and contesting community in the U.S., and I’m pretty sure this project is among the coolest things I’ve come across in quite a while.

    I posted some of my thoughts about it at HASTAC (http://www.hastac.org/blogs/derekattig/connecting-dots-fly-away-zine-mobile) and also on Bookmobility (http://bookmobility.tumblr.com/post/7369383230/flyaway).

    Thanks again, and as I say there, I look forward to seeing what comes next!

  2. Thank you for stopping at Linebaugh! It was a really great experience to meet all of you, listen to the readings, and leave fingerprints on possibly every one of the zines in the Mobile. I think the mobile is a great (greatgreatgreat) idea and I’m excited to see it grow! Let me know if you’re ever in the area again! More exclaimation marks!!

    The blog post I wrote is at http://studiomnivorous.com/blog/2011/07/08/from-a-to-zine-a-night-with-the-orderly-disorder-tour/ and I hope you’ll like it. Feel free to drop me & my partner, Stephen, a line sometime about pursuing catalog code. And I’d like to hear more about the new formats you’re considering for the mobile. And John should really try biscuits and gravy instead.

    Travel safe, and I look forward to hearing how things go!

    Best, -m

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