The Fly Away Zine Mobile is a community-supported, all-volunteer projectThe easiest ways to support are to: 

♥ Donate zines and/or musical instruments to the library

♥ Co-host/Co-organize a self-publishing skillshare, festival, or other event with the Zine Mobile or invite us to an event you’ve already organized

♥ Assist with mechanical maintenance and repairs of the library van

♥ Donate money for fuel and/or gas cards

Donate gift certificates to local grocery cooperatives across North America — we’re bound to get there sooner or later!

♥ Donate typewriters (in good working condition) and zine-making supplies

♥  T H A N K   Y O U  ! ♥


9 thoughts on “Participate/Support

  1. kittee!!! yes, i want them on the tour, too! i’m not leaving until 6/21 — can you get them here before then? THANK YOU! can’t wait to see!!

    1. unfortunately, my new ones won’t be printed by then. do you know where and when you’ll be in new orleans? if the zines are printed by then, i can send them down to friends there to bring them to you. also, let me know if you need tips on staying sane down there.


  2. yes! we’ll be there for the American Library Association Conference; our event there is June 26, and I think I might be there for just that night (tho others are coming in a couple days earlier, I believe…)… do you think they’ll be done by then?

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