Vision Statement

Cross-Pollination Mobile Show and Tell Vision Statement

We believe that we are all rockstars. We believe that every human/creature in the universe possesses a unique collection of skills, wisdoms, stories, experiences and artistic expressions that inspire and teach others when shared. Cross Pollination is a tour that aims to collaborate with communities along the way to create events that make space for this kind of sharing.

Our intention is not to bring something to our destinations that they presumably lack. Instead, we seek to honor and support the people and spaces we visit by tailoring each stop to the desires of the individuals and communities organizing with us. (What is each community excited to share? What do participants want to hear, see or know more about?) We envision these collaboratory events taking the form of any (combination) of the following: variety shows, discussion circles, celebrations/rituals, dance parties, workshops, art salons, performances, skillshares, etc. The possibilities are open and infinite.

We’re open to traveling wherever we are wanted. We’re especially interested in places that aren’t typically on the tour circuit: intentional communities, land projects, small towns and rural areas. We seek a variety of wheelchair-accessible venues: houses, community centers, info shops, book stores, senior centers, parks, libraries, farms. We’ll also be making spontaneous stops at rest areas and other public outdoor spaces along the way.

We want to meet you. We want to collaborate with you. We want to exchange wisdoms with you. We want to experience your art and share ours with you. We want to carry your ideas with us into our work and our destinations and leave some of ours to bloom with you.

*we are committed to making each event as accessible for as many people as possible (including but not limited to: wheelchair-accessible spaces and providing ASL [and other] interpretation)


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