2nd stop: Atlanta

We read at the Mint Gallery along with two local readers and two bands, to benefit the nascent Atlanta Zine Library.

Amanda at merch table

Reading highlights

  • The gallery was super cute, and the event coordinator, Amanda Mills, was very gracious. Please send her some zines.
  • Celia’s family and some local friends were in attendance
  • On the way there from New Orleans we ate what I’m referring to as “Alabama tapas” at a strip mall cafe. Advice to traveling veg*ans: you can often get three sides of vegetable (mostly) dishes, when there are few veg-friendly options. Our sides all came in their own dish, so the table was crowded with yam sticks, lima beans, grilled vegetables, green salad, and steamed broccoli
  • three of us stayed at the C7 community warehouse infoshop afterward, which was a fascinating experience. Man, those hackers and slackers smoke a lot of cigarettes!
  • yummylicious breakfast at Ria’s Bluebird (watch out, the site makes music)
  • tofu scramble means something different in the south than it does in the north.
  • my first long drive in the zine mobile (7 hours, and we lost an hour going from the central to the eastern time zone), was quite enjoyable

More photos from Atlanta


Orderly Disorder in NOLA

The first stop on the Orderly Disorder tour was the Nadine Vorhoff Library, Newcomb College Institute/Center for Research on Women, Tulane University.

Bea Calvert in the Zine Mobile

Reading highlights

  • Librarian Bea Calvert was the greatest host! She and her peops arranged for vegan-friendly catering, a shuttle from the convention center, and many thoughtful touches here in there. I wanted to kidnap her and bring her along for the rest of the tour
  • guest readers, including Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends), Clara Hendricks (forthcoming compilation zine about romantic relationships in anarchist communities), and Robb Roemershauser (Quickdummies)
  • mixed crowd of local librarians, local zine kids, local Newcomb folks, ALA attendees, and some passersthru, who were all lovely, engaged and supportive
  • getting to see the library, zine collection, and neat exhibits of Newcomb/Tulane history

More photos.