Orderly Disorder: 2011 Zinester Librarians Tour

The Fly Away Zine Mobile is thrilled to be embarking on its inaugural travels with the Orderly Disorder: Zinester Librarians in Circulation Tour, Summer 2011


Announcing a librarian zinester summer tour, making its way from the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans to Milwaukee’s Zine Librarians (un)Conference.

June 26 – New Orleans, LA: Newcomb College Institute, Nadine Vorhoff Library, 100 Caroline Richardson Bldg., 62 Newcomb Place, Tulane University, (504) 865-5762 (Transportation will provided between the convention center and the library), 6:30pm (convention center pick-up at 6pm in front of Hall E)

June 28 – Atlanta, GA: Mint Gallery, 145 B Sampson St., 404.946.8982. Bring zines to donate to the Atlanta Zine Library. 7:30pm. This is a zine library fundraiser:  suggested donation is $3 or a zine, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

June 29 – Murfreesboro, TN: Linebaugh Public Library, 105 W. Vine St., 615-893-4131, 7pm.

July 1 – Pittsburgh, PA: Lili Coffee Shop, 3138 Dobson Street, 7pm.

July 3 – Cleveland, OH: Barking Spider11310 Juniper Rd., (216) 421-2863 5-6:30.

July 4 – Toronto, ONT: No Apathy!251 Hallam at Gladstone, 7pm-10pm, suggested donation is $3, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

July 5 – Detroit, MI: Cass Cafe, 4620 Cass Ave., 313.831.1400, 10pm

July 6 – Chicago, IL: Quimby’s Bookstore, 1854 W. North Ave, 773-342-0910, 7pm

July 7 – Milwaukee, WI: The Tool Shed2427 N. Murray Ave, 414-906-5304, 8pm

Core participants are Jenna Freedman, Celia Perez, Debbie Rasmussen (and her Zine Mobile), Jami Sailor, and John Stevens (from Australia). Complete bios. We’ll pick up other library worker zine makers along the way!


8 thoughts on “Orderly Disorder: 2011 Zinester Librarians Tour

  1. Greetings! Thanks for contacting me. It’s true – I’ve got hundreds of dynamite zines and I’d be glad to load you up. Keep me posted & let me know what kind of stuff you’re looking for. Take care! @nthony

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