Librarian Zinester Bios


Jenna Freedman has been making her annual perzine and reading log Lower East Side Librarian since 2001. By day, sometimes nights, and often on weekends, she curates the Barnard Library Zine Collection. Please ask her about zine cataloging. Credentially speaking, she edits a quarterly zine reviews column for Library Journal and has written about zines in fancy journals like Signs, has presented on zines, librarianship, and activism around the US and in France, and has won an award or two.

Celia Perez tries not to spill her guts in her zines so much any more. Her current projects include I Dreamed I Was Assertive, a perzine currently in its thirteenth year, roots & wings, a quarterly mini-zine about her five-year-old son, Atlas of Childhood, a zine about children’s books, and an annual reading zine, among others. When she isn’t pointing the way to the functioning print station in the library she is hanging out with her awesome kiddo, reading YA and children’s books, spending too much time on Facebook, and killing brain cells watching The Real Housewives of (You Name the City). She is also working on a couple of books (for which you will not get details but are welcomed to provide words of encouragement).

Debbie Rasmussen is combining her childhood dream of being a trucker with her grownup dream of spreading the values of cooperation, love, and critical thinking by turning her tiny truck into a tiny zine mobile. She’s an organizer, facilitator, accordion player, the former publisher of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, and an avid furniture rearranger who would love to help you organize your space better. Though her own form of self-publishing has evolved from zines to blogs and videos, her heart will always be rooted in the world of print.

Jami Sailor wants to make a split zine with you. Her current projects include Your Secretary and Archiving the Underground (with Jenna Brager). When not making zines or sucking down beermosas at brunch, she  works at a Chicago-area historical society describing and arranging people’s  memories, at a zoo answering animal related reference questions, and fighting for digital inclusion one patron at a time in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

John Stevens is a zinester librarian from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He works as a librarian in the Access and Information Division of the State Library of Victoria, presently devoting most of his time to maps, although he’s also the main go-to person for zine-related questions. He’s also involved in a local, volunteer-run artist run intitiative called Brunswick Arts, makes a lot of noisy rock music with another local zinester, doesn’t eat meat, and is an out transvestite. The last point in particular forms a strong part of his zine-writing, which is almost entirely annecdotal (thanks to dismal failures in fiction ten years ago).


(more local librarian zinester readers TK)

Kate Angell (New Orleans)

Jessica Bublitz (Milwaukee)

Marta Chudolinska makes drawings, prints, books, zines, comics and a few other things. She moonlights as a librarian at OCAD University. She has been working with the OCAD Zine Library for two years.

David (Detroit)

Ian Deaton (Atlanta) was born in 1980 in Kansas City, MO where he did nothing but watch horror movies. He now lives in Atlanta, GA and plays music and writes.

Madison Lynn Glitter (Detroit)

Clara Hendricks (New Orleans)

Clara Bee Lavery (Toronto)

Sarah Mangle (Toronto)

Andrea Price (Detroit)

Charles Patrick “Pat” Roberts (Atlanta) (born April 20, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Kansas and a member of the Republican Party. First elected to the Senate in 1996, he is the ranking member of the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture. He has served as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Robb Roemershauser (New Orleans) did a zine call Quickdummies that he started when he was 14 years old, but he quit doing the zine after I saw it for sale at Disney World. He recently put out his first zine in seven years about mostly London from a trip he took there. It felt as if the only reason to go was to deliver the zine to the people of London. Robb started the Aboveground Zine Library in 2003. It is open everyday at Iron Rail bookshop in New Orleans.

Christopher Wilde (Milwaukee)


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