7th stop: Detroit

Jami Sailor (pictured), originally one of the group’s core participants was finally able to meet up with us in Detroit, at the reading she organized at Cass Cafe.


  • It would be impossible to report on this event without mentioning the noise. It was really really loud, which was a problem for the early readers, including Celia. A few more people in, readers realized they had to change their strategy and read short, punchy pieces that wouldn’t be hurt by a little shouting.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the Trumbullplex Zine Library work day with the others. I skipped out on that to hang out with my friend Julie Herrada, who curates the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan.
  • I loved guest reader and librarian Andrea Perez’s first piece.
  • We had a great visit with Debbie’s friend Angela Watrous, who put us up in Ann Arbor and who made us the most delicious breakfast of our trip.
  • I think this is the stop where I started to get serious about documenting everyone’s footwear, or lack thereof.

More photos.


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