Penultimate stop: Chicago

I just love the word “penultimate,” don’t you?

  • I described John taking a picture of me taking a picture of the audience as meta. Only the librarians laughed.
  • This was Celia’s last reading, which made me very sad. She read a list of lessons learned on zine tour, which I loved. The final one goes something like, “One person’s douche is another person’s hero,” which I believe was a zine mobile quote from Debbie. At least we left her in the loving arms of her son, Emiliano.

  • It was nice to have Dave Roche in attendance and to go out with Liz Mason after. I’ve read at Quimby’s (which Liz manages) three times, am Facebook friends with Liz and have read most of her zines, but have never hung out with her.

  • We parked the zine mobile around the corner from Quimby’s, next to a restaurant with outdoor seating. People hung out on the street with us for a long time.

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