Go Zine Mobile!

♥ ! S U P P O R T   T H E   F L Y  A W A Y  Z I N E  M O B I L E ! ♥

The Zine Mobile launches in less than two weeks — so exciting!!  Please help give it a good sendoff by doing one (or more!) of the following!?  Thank you thank you!!!

Donate money! Any amount helps and is sooooo appreciated!  Money raised goes only toward fuel, supplies/resources, and food (all participants are volunteers). We have a full schedule that necessitates a lot of driving… the more money we raise, the more places we can go!

Donate zines — ones you’ve already made or make a new one!  Please send zines to our sister project, Zine Apothecary, 3310 15th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Donate magazine racks and clip displays!  email zinemobile(at)gmail.com and we can arrange to get them (Twin Cities!).

Help out at the launch/celebration! In particular we’re looking for people to help teach mini/informal zine-making sessions. Get in touch if you’re interested: zinemobile(at)gmail.com.

Spread the word of the Zine Mobile and hold wishes of a successful launch and inaugural tour for us!

♥ ! T H A N K   Y O U  T H A N K   Y O U   T H A N K   Y O U ! ♥


(artwork: drawings by kariann burleson, on top of a painting by lisa koluvek)


3 thoughts on “Go Zine Mobile!

    1. Hi John! We definitely plan on getting to NYC at some point, tho unfortunately not on the upcoming tour. I think the closest we’ll get on this one is Pittsburgh. This tour ends in Milwaukee, and then most likely we’ll be headed out West, so my guess is we’ll be getting back to the East coast in the fall? Keep checking back please! -debbie

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