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Madison Zinefest!

Excited for all the events in celebration of Madison Zinefest, which is part of the Wisconsin Book Festival!!

THURSDAY, October 20: ZINEFEST OPEN MIC…  7pm, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, 426 W. Gilman St. A place for all zine-makers to try out their material in a format they might not normally get to:  out loud, in front of a receptive audience!  All ages and free!

FRIDAY, October 21: ZINES, COMICS, LIFE (AND MUSIC)… 7pm, The Project Lodge, 817 E. Johnson St… presentations, discussions, and music in celebration of zine culture!  $5 requested donation.

SATURDAY, October 22: *****ZINEFEST*****… 10am-6pm, Varsity Hall at Union South, 1308 W. Dayton St… tables of zine-makers and space set aside for people to make their own zines!  All ages and free!

SATURDAY, October 22: POST-ZINEFEST KARAOKE, HOSTED BY THE FLY AWAY ZINE MOBILE… 8-10:30pm, Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse, 1101 Williamson St… The zine mobile will be parked outside with open library hours and will provide a space for a free swap!! All ages and free!

SATURDAY, October 22: POST-ZINEFEST BOOZING… 10pm, Paradise Lounge, 119 W. Main St… informal gathering of libation-seeking thing-makers!

Come one, come all!!

M i n n e a p o l i s – – t o n i g h t ! !

Apologies for the last minute post…

The little zine mobile is sooo excited to be doing an event with the Moveable Type Truck and the Zine Apothecary… TONIGHT in MINNEAPOLIS!!!!

First, head to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (1011 Washington Ave S) from 5pm-7pm for a visit with Kyle Durrie and her mobile letterpress studio, pictured below. At 6pm Kyle will show slides. Pull a print in the mobile studio and hear about the life of the itinerant letterpress printer.

At 8pm, the Type Truck and the Fly Away Zine Mobile will pull into the Zine Apothecary library (3310 15th Ave S) for an afterparty potluck with zines and zinemakers. Bring the bounty from your garden or a treat to share, and we’ll take over the alley with underground press and zine-y fun times.

Potluck + letterpress studio + 2 zine libraries = an amazing night!!!!

Madison, Wisconsin

Took a last minute quick trip to Madison… Visited the InfoShop, which is housed in the same building as Nature’s Bakery, a collectively-owned/-managed bakery that started in 1970.

Their zine library… I often see zines organized in file drawers like this and wonder how many people actually open the drawers to see what’s inside (I understand of course that space limitations don’t leave many options!).

Anyway… I got a handful of zines for the library and talked with InfoShop volunteers about cataloging….

Later on I reorganized the zine mobile — with mixed feelings I disassembled the Zine Rainbow, which featured zines with covers the color of the rainbow… It was a lovely sight, but I figured it was time to take a teeny step toward a more sophisticated organizing system ; ) I kept intact the Little Zine Rainbow (a handful of quarter-sized zines with rainbow-colored covers).




Des Moines!

Huge thanks to Finder’s Creepers, a HORROR-THEMED ART GALLERY (!!), for hosting this event! Huge thanks as well to Becky Kessel, who organized it — and to her and many others for making food, donating zines, and coming out with enthusiasm despite the extreme heat (97 degrees!).

I took a few photos, but neglected to ask permission from people about posting their pix, so I’ll just post these…



6th stop: Toronto

July 4th–who scheduled a trip to Canada on America’s birthday? Oh wait, that was me. We read at an anarchist collective house storefront. Dog bless America. Actually there were two cats, which is all the better for our 75% cat loving and 25% in the process of being converted zine tour crew. The locals were suitably impressed with the zine mobile:

Toronto also gave us the kitty that might have turned our one cat-curious person into a potential cat lover:

I shouldn’t sign off on this post without saying how great the local readers were. Kisses to Clara

and Sarah

More photos.

5th stop: Cleveland

My camera battery died before the reading even started, but fortunately the one shot I got was of our magnificently generous and kind host, Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz.

  • It was John’s 29th birthday, so we embarrassed him by serving him a cake before his reading. There was also singing.
  • We should have asked the guy who performed before us to stick around for the singing. He probably could have serenaded John in several languages.
  • The crowd was small, but incredibly generous and with a high per capita cat count. Three of us stayed with Bill, the crazy cat lady (man) with four cats. We didn’t want to leave them, and almost couldn’t because of a 4th of July parade blocking not only our way to Anastasia’s house to pick up Celia, but our access to the road outta town.

4th stop: Pittsburgh

We arrived in Pittsburgh after a day off in Yellow Springs, OH (and visited some goats on the way).

goat baby

But oh yeah, we also read, at the Lili Coffee Shop in Pittsburgh, and were introduced by letterpress goddess Artnoose:

Artnoose at Lili Coffee Shop

  • The coffee shop was a really nice reading spot and small enough that it looked packed without much effort. Maybe 20 people attended?
  • It was a joy to see some library workers from the Carnegie Library’s zine collection
  • In PGH restaurants they ask you how hot you want your food on a scale of 1-10. Hint: 10 is not that hot. The scale really goes up to 50.
  • We stayed at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse house

More photos

Orderly Disorder in NOLA

The first stop on the Orderly Disorder tour was the Nadine Vorhoff Library, Newcomb College Institute/Center for Research on Women, Tulane University.

Bea Calvert in the Zine Mobile

Reading highlights

  • Librarian Bea Calvert was the greatest host! She and her peops arranged for vegan-friendly catering, a shuttle from the convention center, and many thoughtful touches here in there. I wanted to kidnap her and bring her along for the rest of the tour
  • guest readers, including Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends), Clara Hendricks (forthcoming compilation zine about romantic relationships in anarchist communities), and Robb Roemershauser (Quickdummies)
  • mixed crowd of local librarians, local zine kids, local Newcomb folks, ALA attendees, and some passersthru, who were all lovely, engaged and supportive
  • getting to see the library, zine collection, and neat exhibits of Newcomb/Tulane history

More photos.

New Orleans kick-off!

Huge thanks to Tulane University’s Nadine Vorhoff Library for hosting such a fantastic kick-off event! Thanks to librarian Bea Calvert, to everyone who came out to hear/support, and to guest readers Clara Hendricks, Kate Angell, and Robb Roemershauser. Didn’t take many photos, but there was a professional photographer there, so hope to get better pix later!

Nadine Vorhoff Library’s zine collection

Bea Calvert welcoming/introducing…


On the Road to New Orleans, Day 4

Woke up and attached the spraypainted magnetic letters to the front of the Zine Mobile that had been drying overnight (thanks to Jon Hain for this most excellent idea)!!  Still planning on getting a CB radio and external speaker that would function as a megaphone to announce our arrival ; ) And maybe one of those magnet siren lights for atop?

After the letters were attached I realized how completely filthy the Zine Mobile was from its long drive, so decided to get a carwash. Have you ever seen a carwash in negative?  Here’s your chance…

I’m so unaccustomed to getting carwashes that I neglected to notice the windows were still open in the middle of the van. Fortunately they’re small, and nothing was ruined.

After that we returned to the abandoned (and rebuilt) train station… I touched up the letters with more spraypaint while Jessica Horn — incredibly gracious and enthusiastically helpful travel partner — cataloged the zines currently in the collection (will post that list soon!)


Attached the letters and departed for New Orleans!!


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