nom nomaha… + more cats and vegan cookzines!

thru nebraska….

the zine mobile’s next stop was omaha — new home to post punk kitchen and vegan cookbook extraordinaire isa chandra moskowitz; her special peer john, creator of the laziest vegans in the world blog; a hilarious trio of cats (more on them in a minute); and the headquarters for isa’s latest endeavor, the teal cat project — which upcycles donated ceramic kitties into stylish teal kitties and gives the proceeds to kitty rescue organizations. like this…

bodies painted first, then heads
i was pretty partial to this lounge kitty in front
completed teal cats, ready for their new homes

not only did isa make us grilled pizzas for dinner and orange pecan waffles for breakfast (thank you isa and i swear to everyone it’s not usually so decadent, this life on the road…), she also donated some awesome vegan cookzines — Gas Tank: A collection of vegan recipes; The (Incompleat) Cheap Vegan; Cookin’ with My Crawdaddy (a Cajun vegan cookzine); Barefoot and in the Kitchen; The Art of Making Vegan Love; Vegan de Guadalupe (Mexican food authentically vegan); Soy Fucker; and Zen and the Art of Brownie Baking.

o lovely zines, i'm sorry this picture doesn't do yr loveliness justice

as much as i’d wanted to set up and do some spontaneous open library hours in omaha, we were already behind schedule so needed to get on the road. we talked of a future visit, as well as a cook/zine/tour, and i bid farewell to these fuzzies…

fizz, rolling in a spot of spilled pancake flour

… then back to the road!


7 thoughts on “nom nomaha… + more cats and vegan cookzines!

  1. How did you not snatch those kitties up and take them on zine tour? Kidnapping Isa probably would have been a good idea, too.

  2. I would love to donate for or buy that Vegan de Guadalupe that Isa gave you. Name your price. Seriously, name it. But don’t get crazy.

    1. well… the current check-out policy is: “anything may be borrowed for a few weeks — longer if needed. if you love something so much you’d like to keep it, just ask and chances are i’ll say yes.”

      so… sure, i’d be glad to send you vegan de guadalupe. if you’d like to donate, that’d be awesome and appreciated, tho not expected. but do let me know your mailing address so i can get the zine to you!

      1. OH MY GOSH! I just peed a little! I would love it to borrow and if I fall in love I will make a generous donation!!! Where do I send you my address?? I really don’t want it up here for all the world! 🙂 You understand.

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