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Picture Book Museum/Library, Iwaki City, Japan, source: 15 Super Unique Libraries Around the World

Real Gabinete Portugues de Leitura. Source: Amazing Libraries Around the World

New sign, just in time for summer tour!  Thanks to the incredible Jamie Mayne of Oakland’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Collective for the textile art (fabric dyed with onion skins!) and Lacey Prpic Hedtke for the hula hoop!

The sign is detachable for when the hoop is in use ;)

new windshield just in time for summer tour!  (a rock hit and cracked the old one  !)

Is there anything more awesome than a zine made by a 9-year old?  Thank you Fyn for donating your incredible comics to the zine mobile library — and thank you Lindsey for delivering it : )

Oakland! Tonight! The Zine Mobile will be parked outside Actual Cafe from 6-10 for the opening of Paper Trails Zine Show!  Come say hello : )

From East Bay Zine Fest (11/27/11 at 924 Gilman)! 


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