Driving from Pasadena to Oakland, Justin Bieber on the radio… dedicated to a dear almost-11 (!) year old friend of the zine mobile, Rumi in Burnsville, Minnesota… !!


Oakland! Tonight! The Zine Mobile will be parked outside Actual Cafe from 6-10 for the opening of Paper Trails Zine Show!  Come say hello : )

one of the amazing youth zines made at this week’s Zine Mobile Open Library Hours/Make-A-Zine in the downtown Oakland Public Library Kids’ Section! thanks to all who came out and participated!   

Pix of Oscar Grant Library at Occupy Oakland

I just found a few more photos I’d taken of the Oscar Grant/Occupy Oakland Library tent — these are from a few weeks ago, before it was moved to the periphery of the plaza. After it was moved, the camp was raided for the second time by police. Fortunately micro branches were already being set up before the second raid — Rock, Paper, Scissors and Brown Couch Cafe each have a selection of books that were donated to the Occupy/Oscar Grant Library; more to come!

I already posted these last week, but in the interest of keeping them all together…