Highlights from the Orderly Disorder: Zinester Librarians in Circulation Summer 2011 Tour

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1st stop:  New Orleans!

2nd stop:  Atlanta! 

3rd stop:  Murfreesboro, Tennessee! 

4th stop: Pittsburgh!

5th stop: Cleveland!

6th stop: Toronto!

7th stop: Detroit!

8th stop: Chicago!

9th stop: Milwaukee!


Orderly Disorder in NOLA

The first stop on the Orderly Disorder tour was the Nadine Vorhoff Library, Newcomb College Institute/Center for Research on Women, Tulane University.

Bea Calvert in the Zine Mobile

Reading highlights

  • Librarian Bea Calvert was the greatest host! She and her peops arranged for vegan-friendly catering, a shuttle from the convention center, and many thoughtful touches here in there. I wanted to kidnap her and bring her along for the rest of the tour
  • guest readers, including Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends), Clara Hendricks (forthcoming compilation zine about romantic relationships in anarchist communities), and Robb Roemershauser (Quickdummies)
  • mixed crowd of local librarians, local zine kids, local Newcomb folks, ALA attendees, and some passersthru, who were all lovely, engaged and supportive
  • getting to see the library, zine collection, and neat exhibits of Newcomb/Tulane history

More photos.

Kick-off to Orderly Disorder tour, New Orleans