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Highlights from the Orderly Disorder: Zinester Librarians in Circulation Summer 2011 Tour

(Click on the cities to read more…)

1st stop:  New Orleans!

2nd stop:  Atlanta! 

3rd stop:  Murfreesboro, Tennessee! 

4th stop: Pittsburgh!

5th stop: Cleveland!

6th stop: Toronto!

7th stop: Detroit!

8th stop: Chicago!

9th stop: Milwaukee!

5th stop: Cleveland

My camera battery died before the reading even started, but fortunately the one shot I got was of our magnificently generous and kind host, Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz.

  • It was John’s 29th birthday, so we embarrassed him by serving him a cake before his reading. There was also singing.
  • We should have asked the guy who performed before us to stick around for the singing. He probably could have serenaded John in several languages.
  • The crowd was small, but incredibly generous and with a high per capita cat count. Three of us stayed with Bill, the crazy cat lady (man) with four cats. We didn’t want to leave them, and almost couldn’t because of a 4th of July parade blocking not only our way to Anastasia’s house to pick up Celia, but our access to the road outta town.


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