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The Robi bookmobile, not yet loaded with its cargo, was designed for the library in Heilbrunn, Germany.


Mexico City bookmobile doubles as a reading room!


1950, Wausau WI, Bookmobile Winter Library Board

Bookmobile with staff of Marathon County Library Service

Date: 1950 02-20

Marathon County Library Service new bookmobile. Black and white photograph shows the new bookmobile, five members of the County Library Board, two members of the County Board Public Property Committee l-r Mrs. George Alberts, Mrs. Helen Ohm, Edward Fromm, Ernest H. Platta, Mrs. Edward Lucas, Earl Witter, W.E. Moore (country board: Ohm, Platta)


Push-Cart Mobile Library.

The much beloved and missed Mobilivre Bookmobile — from the Los Angeles Times’ 100 Years of Bookmobiles


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