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Ladies at the bookmobile in Washington County, Maryland, 1930s.

The bookmobile was introduced to the US in 1905 by Washington County librarian Mary Titcomb as a means to get books into homes throughout the county. The bookmobile was operated by two ladies: one to drive and one to stand on the running board to keep it from tipping over. They traveled thousands of miles and delivered thousands of books throughout the 1930s. However, the advent of gas rationing made the book wagon impossible to continue, and the bookmobile made its last trip in 1940.


1920’s bookmobile.


1949 Chevy Bookmobile, from “Bookmobiles of the World” on the Paris Review blog.


This first “bookmobile” in the USA served until 1910, when it was hit by a train (no one was injured, though the fate of the books it was carrying is unknown).


Bookmobile (via Jessamyn)


The Free Books/Liquid Books Bookmobile can be spotted around Monterrey, CA.


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