Hugest, wholehearted love and gratitude to these people for getting this project off the ground… (If your name should be on this list but isn’t, please accept our sincerest apologies and get in touch to let us know!)… And if you’d like to contribute, please go here to see how!

Amber, Jen Angel, Eric Bartholomew, Sandy Berman, Joe Biel, Kariann Blank, Jocelyn Burrell, Emily Drabinski, Erica Durante, Jessie Duke, Brian Frank, Jenna Freedman, Maurice Freedman, Megan Gendell, Hilary Goldberg, Dylan G.W., Sue Hager, Jon Hain, Jessup Hauser, Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Jess Hoffmann, Jessica Horn, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Lisa Jervis, Dawn Jones, B. Buckles Kambeitz, Natalia Kay, Adela C. Licona, LongTailedComets, John McDevitt and Isa Moskowitz, Microcosm Publishing, Adele Nieves, Jackie Noble, Michela O, Celia Perez, Candace Petrik, Portland Button Works, Deborah Ranker, Davina Pallone, Rain Taxi, Carol Rasmussen, Brian Rothgery, Mark Rosendahl, Ray Rubin, Nicki Sabalu, Rio Safari, Jami Sailor, Select Signs & More, Brookhaven, Mississippi (Tommy & Sherry Purvis), Alycia Sellie, Jennifer Sippel, Megan Swoboda, Elene Terry, Myra Terry, Julie C. Tozer, Kyla Wagener, Angela Watrous, Erin Wiegand, Deanna Zandt…

Special shout-outs to the now-retired Zine Apothecary and the ever-amazing Stranger Danger Distro for donating so many zines to the original collection!

. . . And to the many who have spread the word, invited the Zine Mobile into their community, and otherwise sent enthusiastic, encouraging messages of support and positive energy . . .


To Be Continued/Added To . . .

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