Press Release: Orderly Disorder tour


Orderly Disorder : Librarian Zinesters in Circulation Tour, Summer 2011
June 26 – July 7

Librarians who make zines* and are passionate about the DIY publications will be embarking on a zine reading tour of central North America this summer, starting at the American Library Association’s 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA and finishing up in Milwaukee, WI in time for the Zine Librarian (un)Conference.

The core group consists of five librarian zinesters, that is people work in a library of any kind and make zines (bio page):
Jenna Freedman (New York, NY)
Celia Perez (Chicago, IL)
Debbie Rasmussen and her Fly Away Zine Mobile (Minneapolis, MN)
Jami Sailor (Chicago, IL)
John Stevens (Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

Other similarly inclined zine/library folk will be participate in readings in their local cities.

Zine readings are quite distinct from most spoken word events. The humble approaches taken by zinesters when assembling their ephemeral creations tends to generate an intimacy that is difficult to reach at a novel launch/reading. Furthermore, most zine-makers choose the form for it’s directness, which is often utilized with an implied trust in the veracity of the often unknown audience, which makes the public readings of their work an even more cherished experience.

The readings will all happen in public spaces that have close ties with the zine community, including progressive literature outlets, public libraries, community resource centres, and academic institutions. Up-to-date information on tour venues.

Press contact:
Celia Perez,, 773.490.5464

* Zines are independently produced, frequently not-for-profit, and often quite personal publications that exist outside of other more recognisable publication types such as monographs (ie: books), journals, and newspapers. Their particular idiosyncrasies – difficult to find, preserve, catalogue, etc – has led to the necessary development of a wide variety of unorthodox approaches to incorporating them into library holdings. Zine collections are often more likely to exist by virtue of volunteers, whether they be professionals or paraprofessionals, and must therefore also take this particular unorthodox step in mind when navigating this still emerging niche area of librarianship.


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