Press Release: Orderly Disorder in Milwaukee


Orderly Disorder : Librarian Zinesters in Circulation Tour arrives in Milwaukee with the Zine Librarians (un)Conference.

July 7: The Tool Shed
2427 N. Murray Ave


Five librarians–two ALA accredited, one credentialed by Australia’s comparable body ALIA, one in training and one rogue–will drive into Milwaukee in their Fly-Away Zine Mobile to sprinkle love of zines* as an outlet for do-it-yourself (DIY) culture, creative expression, political rage, and knowledge sharing if all of their beautiful, messy radiance. Librarian zinesters will read from their own work and work from their libraries and might slip into a harangue about the importance of creating, collecting, and preserving alternative points of view, DIY style and of making zines available in libraries, adding them to academic and lay conversations on a tremendous range of topics.

Featuring librarian zinesters, that is people work in a library of any kind and make zines (bio page):
Jenna Freedman (New York, NY)
Celia Perez (Chicago, IL)
Debbie Rasmussen and her Fly Away Zine Mobile (Minneapolis, MN)
Jami Sailor (Chicago, IL)
John Stevens (Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

And librarian zinesters both local and imported for the conference:
Jessica Bublitz
Christopher Wilde
and others who haven’t revealed themselves yet!

Press contact:
Celia Perez,, 773.490.5464

* Zines are independently produced, frequently not-for-profit, and often quite personal publications that exist outside of other more recognizable publication types such as monographs (ie: books), journals, and newspapers.


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