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more snow in wyoming… + zeus the zine dog!

i suppose this is what we get for attempting to flee the harsh midwestern winters for california : )

a little bit later, everything was backed up for an hour…

meanwhile, hanging out in the backseat was the zine mobile’s second non-human animal passenger, zeus, en route from madison to oakland…

who will be the third animal traveler? bonus points if your name starts with a Z…



donkey library

(thanks to ryan for sharing this story!)



Des Moines, part II!

Took the Zine Mobile to see/support the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army, a touring puppet show trying to raise awareness about the negative effects of the prison system. A tiny clip:

The show was in the lounge of Best Place Ever, an amazing video store in Des Moines specializing in obscure/independent films. They even invited Zeik in, the Zine Mobile kitty (more on that later!) inside…

Invited people out to the Zine Mobile before and after the show, and picked up more zines from their great collection!

On the Road to New Orleans, Day 3

Good morning from the Country Junction truck stop in Missouri!

In Brookhaven, Mississippi, some donuts and a visit to an office supply store across from the library in search of magnets for the outside of the Zine Mobile…

Then off to McComb, Mississippi… spent the afternoon and evening at the train station —

Right after I took this, a police car drove up and asked what I was doing — I had a can of spray paint in hand because I was spray-painting magnets for the outside of the Zine Mobile. He suggested rather than silver paint, I try black paint on a silver background. I said, “Oh so you don’t mind that we’re here hanging out here?” He said, “As long as you’re not huffin it, I don’t care what you’re doin!” ; ) Awesome.

A few hours later, the clouds gathered…

And then…. a thunderstorm and a RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!


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