california + a new coloring book!

felt good to see these

and!! a dear pal of the zine mobile donated the just-published Land for the People Radical Coloring Book, a beautiful collaboration between the youth at Youth in POWER and the Bay Area Childcare Collective


Nearly 40 pages of hummingbirds fighting against bulldozers, kids climbing fences, clowns educating about environmental racism, animals running community farms–it’s inspiring and incredible!  Check it out the next time the zine mobile passes thru your town, or click here to order your own copy ; )



camping and snow in nebraska!

lake ogallala, nebraska : )

we’d heard of snow and icestorms in cheyenne… after an hour on the road, we had to stop at a rest stop to clear the ice from the windshield wiper blades… the view from the front of the zine mobile : )


help keep the zine mobile moving!

Next week the zine mobile will shove off from the Midwest to Oakland/San Francisco, possibly stopping in Omaha, Denver, and Salt Lake City along the way… From the Bay we’ll head south, with stops in Los Angeles and San Diego… then east through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida… In March, up thru South and North Carolinas, aaanndd… a Spring Break tour is underway — possibly thru Canada!  Exciting!

Could you please help us get from here to there? As a free, traveling, self-contained entity, there are many ways to do so… right now what’s MOST needed is:

♥ MONEY FOR GAS!!!  If you have a few (or many) bucks to spare, pleeeease consider donating money or gas gift certificates to keep the zine mobile literally moving. We’re exploring options for transitioning from petrol to waste-veggie and solar power, but for now, for better or worse, it takes $80 to fill the tank!  Yes, $80!!

** Exciting update!  Anyone who donates will receive a copy of Zine Tour Zine, a first-person account of the Zine Mobile’s inaugural travels, created by Jenna Freedman, incredible zine-maker and librarian! **

CONTACTS/ACCESS/ASSISTANCE in the places we’re headed… If you’re interested in helping organize a self-publishing/zine event, know of an awesome space to park/have open library hours, are interested in housing/feeding the library workers that travel in the zine mobile, please get in touch — zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com. Cities, small towns, rural areas, intentional communities, land projects, small farms, animal sanctuaries — we’re open to anything, especially excited to participate in events that are free/donation-only, wheelchair accessible, and all-ages.

More ways to help will be posted soon. As ever, spreading the word and sending good vibes is equally important and appreciated!

! ! ! T H A N K  Y O U  ♥  T H A N K  Y O U  ♥  T H A N K  Y O U ! ! !

rest in peace, sweet zine mobile kitty

♥ Hi friends — There’ve been some hard times over at the zine mobile batcave… First a few mechanical setbacks at the beginning of fall… then Zeik, the zine mobile kitty, died. He was 17, so it wasn’t unexpected, but it’s been a big blow nonetheless. Aside from being a source of soft sweetness to visitors and companionship for me, Zeik’s presence during open library hours also helped keep the zine mobile out of ‘creep van’ territory and more in the realm of crazy cat lady territory ; )

basking in the warmth, reaching for the tall zines
walkin thru the heart hoop that holds the bike zines
a little nap in the grass

He died peacefully in one of his favorite resting spots — next to the gas pedal of the zine mobile.

I’m still pretty stunned, but I know I need to carry on… Madison Zinefest is this weekend — more info on that and other things soon.

All love to you, Zeik… thank you for an amazing 17 years ♥




upcoming open library hours and events!

Always free and all ages (please note tho that the Zines For/By Kids section is currently lacking — if you’d like to help by creating and/or donating more kid zines, please do!)

*Week of September 12…

Tuesday, 9/13, 3-6pm: zine waterfall!! Minnehaha Falls parking lot, 4801 South Minnehaha Park Dr., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, 9/15, 3-6pm: open hours at Crystal Beach Park, 1101 Crystal Lake Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/16, 10:30am-2:30pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday, 9/17, 11:00am-3:00pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

*Week of September 19…

Tuesday, 9/20, 3-6pm: special event at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, on the Plaza outside the library, 1501 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come to the Make-A-Mini-Zine Challenge : )

Thursday, 9/22: open hours outside the Augustana Care Center/Nursing Home, in the parking lot, 14650 Garrett Ave, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/24: in support of Twin Cities Zine Fest, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota


More open hours/events posted as they’re confirmed — if you’re interested in bringing the zine mobile to your town, please get in touch — zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

* What’s a zine mobile? A little traveling library of self-published magazines… Come see for yourself! Borrow a zine to read later and/or hang out in the tiny mobile zine library/reading room.

Current sections include: Do-it-yourself/how-to, healing/wellness, comics, personal zines, political zines, prison(er) zines, poetry/literature zines, field guides, newsprint, magazines, coloring/activity zines, and zines encouraging freely sharing information and resources rather than copyrighting/privatizing it. for more spontaneous browsing, the van’s cubbies hold lots of little zines, organized by shape/size rather than contents/information. feel free to explore!

* share and/or learn zine-making skills (typewriter, pens, suitable-but-not-spectacular long-arm stapler, markers, paper, assistance provided to make a one-page mini zine)

* meet zeik, a 17-year old traveling cat (if z isn’t taking a nap under the van, that is)

* donate magnets and/or scrap to be decoupaged to the outside of the zine mobile to celebrate Autumn!

* donate your zine(s) to this free, circulating collection–particularly seeking handmade zines, resource/how-to zines, zines about bicycling and alternative transportation, zines about making your own shelter, (mobile)homesteading, and zines about self-healing and wellness.

Madison, Wisconsin

Took a last minute quick trip to Madison… Visited the InfoShop, which is housed in the same building as Nature’s Bakery, a collectively-owned/-managed bakery that started in 1970.

Their zine library… I often see zines organized in file drawers like this and wonder how many people actually open the drawers to see what’s inside (I understand of course that space limitations don’t leave many options!).

Anyway… I got a handful of zines for the library and talked with InfoShop volunteers about cataloging….

Later on I reorganized the zine mobile — with mixed feelings I disassembled the Zine Rainbow, which featured zines with covers the color of the rainbow… It was a lovely sight, but I figured it was time to take a teeny step toward a more sophisticated organizing system ; ) I kept intact the Little Zine Rainbow (a handful of quarter-sized zines with rainbow-colored covers).




3rd stop: Murfreesboro

Linebaugh Zine Collection poster

Reading at Linebaugh and spending time with zine librarian Jerianne Thompson and her family was a double treat.

  • the audience was an interesting mix of the kind of folks who more ordinarily attend public library programs, local zine aficionados, a librarian who drove over from Nashville on company time, and some friends of Debbie’s
  • we got to see the library’s zine collection
  • we got to see Zine World headquarters and meet a 6-year-old science fiction geek in training
  • had a neat conversation about zine union catalog ideas with a local coder
  • Debbie was pre-enamored of Tennessee and not disappointed
  • debriefing that night with Denny & Jerianne–one of the most enjoyable evenings of the tour
  • John got to experience Cracker Barrel (he seems unimpressed with the southern phenomenon that is grits and was baffled by the whipped cream that was heaped generously on his pancakes)
  • postcards from Walgreens

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