boing! salt lake city

Like the rest of the stops on this leg of the journey, we didn’t have much time in Salt Lake, but were excited to have made acquaintance with the good people of Boing infoshop — we showed up on their doorstop at 9:30 at night and they graciously let us in and showed us where we could sleep. In the morning, i met the haus kitties and poked around their lending library : )

gah! this kitty has 2 names and i forgot them both. sorry kitty!
lending library
free school and events calendar

excited to return and spend more time in salt lake and at boing : )


more snow in wyoming… + zeus the zine dog!

i suppose this is what we get for attempting to flee the harsh midwestern winters for california : )

a little bit later, everything was backed up for an hour…

meanwhile, hanging out in the backseat was the zine mobile’s second non-human animal passenger, zeus, en route from madison to oakland…

who will be the third animal traveler? bonus points if your name starts with a Z…



camping and snow in nebraska!

lake ogallala, nebraska : )

we’d heard of snow and icestorms in cheyenne… after an hour on the road, we had to stop at a rest stop to clear the ice from the windshield wiper blades… the view from the front of the zine mobile : )


nom nomaha… + more cats and vegan cookzines!

thru nebraska….

the zine mobile’s next stop was omaha — new home to post punk kitchen and vegan cookbook extraordinaire isa chandra moskowitz; her special peer john, creator of the laziest vegans in the world blog; a hilarious trio of cats (more on them in a minute); and the headquarters for isa’s latest endeavor, the teal cat project — which upcycles donated ceramic kitties into stylish teal kitties and gives the proceeds to kitty rescue organizations. like this…

bodies painted first, then heads
i was pretty partial to this lounge kitty in front
completed teal cats, ready for their new homes

not only did isa make us grilled pizzas for dinner and orange pecan waffles for breakfast (thank you isa and i swear to everyone it’s not usually so decadent, this life on the road…), she also donated some awesome vegan cookzines — Gas Tank: A collection of vegan recipes; The (Incompleat) Cheap Vegan; Cookin’ with My Crawdaddy (a Cajun vegan cookzine); Barefoot and in the Kitchen; The Art of Making Vegan Love; Vegan de Guadalupe (Mexican food authentically vegan); Soy Fucker; and Zen and the Art of Brownie Baking.

o lovely zines, i'm sorry this picture doesn't do yr loveliness justice

as much as i’d wanted to set up and do some spontaneous open library hours in omaha, we were already behind schedule so needed to get on the road. we talked of a future visit, as well as a cook/zine/tour, and i bid farewell to these fuzzies…

fizz, rolling in a spot of spilled pancake flour

… then back to the road!

thank you, madison!

madison zinefest was awesome and a lot of work!! i feel shy and awkward on either side of a table, but there would’ve been too much distance between the van and zinefest space to set up outside. i brought the healing/wellness, do-it-yourself/how to, comics/comix, political, librarian-made, and bike sections inside, and set up next to rainbow bookstore cooperative : ) everyone was supportive and excited and doing all kinds of amazing work — lots of zine-makers donated copies of their zines to the library, 14 people checked out zines to be mailed back to the zine mobile in a couple weeks in California, and people chipped in for gas money to help the zine mobile actually get to the west coast — coooool!!!

later that night it was post-zinefest karaoke at mother fool’s coffeehouse — despite some technical difficulties it was super fun — lotsa people sang and we feasted on vegan pumpkin cupcakes, blueberry kombucha, teas, and coffee. outside the fly away zine mobile was open for library hours and lounging — and as a special last-minute surprise, the junk drawer (zine) mobile, curated by eric who does Junk Drawer Zine out of chicago, was also parked and open for visitors!

so much thanks to:  j (unich) horn for co-organizing the karaoke festivities; allie for the purrrfect emceeing; john and stephanie of mother fools for giving karaoke night a try; claire (snaggle tooth arts, madison) for the beautiful poster; josh(uA) and brian for last minute help; eric for creative joining; kevin for help schlepping the fly away library into/out of the zinefest space; ani, lily, andrew, monica, sarah, nina, ian, and all former and current mother fools staff for being the best; celia for the special halloween delivery; jenna for the zine and ongoing enthusiasm and support; madison zinefest organizers jessica, matt, and jennifer; megan/Wisconsin Book Festival; Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative for hosting an open mic zine reading; Project Lodge for hosting a zines/music night; Paradise Lounge for hosting post-zinefest boozing; and to the amazing Madison InfoShop for hosting an open house in celebration of their awesome zine collection ; )

apologies for neglecting (once again) to take photos of the festivities. here are some chicken friends i said farewell to before getting on the road —

and a tiny manx kitty i had the pleasure of spending time with in madison : )


rest in peace, sweet zine mobile kitty

♥ Hi friends — There’ve been some hard times over at the zine mobile batcave… First a few mechanical setbacks at the beginning of fall… then Zeik, the zine mobile kitty, died. He was 17, so it wasn’t unexpected, but it’s been a big blow nonetheless. Aside from being a source of soft sweetness to visitors and companionship for me, Zeik’s presence during open library hours also helped keep the zine mobile out of ‘creep van’ territory and more in the realm of crazy cat lady territory ; )

basking in the warmth, reaching for the tall zines
walkin thru the heart hoop that holds the bike zines
a little nap in the grass

He died peacefully in one of his favorite resting spots — next to the gas pedal of the zine mobile.

I’m still pretty stunned, but I know I need to carry on… Madison Zinefest is this weekend — more info on that and other things soon.

All love to you, Zeik… thank you for an amazing 17 years ♥