hand-delivered mail!

The zine mobile is excited to be participating in Lightfoot Post & Mail, a project about encouraging more personal, hand-created correspondence and establishing a delivery system of sustainably-minded traveling postal deputies. Nothing fast and urgent, just slow and easy (tho they’re in the process of setting up a higher-speed delivery system for when that’s necessary!)

Read more about the philosophy of Lightfoot here. Anyone can participate as a letter-writer and/or deliverer; Lightfoot mailboxes are already located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Spain, Italy, the Virgin Islands, Brooklyn, Toronto, Minneapolis, Madison (see here for the current Lightfoot Box list!) — and/or you can also set up your own!

I picked up three letters in Madison that were Westward bound… I haven’t yet made it to their destinations (which are intentionally blurred out in the photo for the sake of privacy) but will be soon!! And no, the typewriter isn’t part of the delivery; it’s just a prop ; )

Cooooooool huh??!!!!



East Bay Zine Fest

A few pix from last weekend’s East Bay Zine Fest… thanks to Rock, Paper, Scissors for organizing and 924 Gilman for hosting!

jejune would make a zine if she had oppposable thumbs!!

And huuuuuge thanks to everyone who donated zines to the little zine mobile! We ♥ you!


Pix of Oscar Grant Library at Occupy Oakland

I just found a few more photos I’d taken of the Oscar Grant/Occupy Oakland Library tent — these are from a few weeks ago, before it was moved to the periphery of the plaza. After it was moved, the camp was raided for the second time by police. Fortunately micro branches were already being set up before the second raid — Rock, Paper, Scissors and Brown Couch Cafe each have a selection of books that were donated to the Occupy/Oscar Grant Library; more to come!

I already posted these last week, but in the interest of keeping them all together…


Oakland + kids + zines!!

Yesterday was the zine mobile’s first youth-centered event — I parked outside the downtown Oakland Public Library and opened the zine mobile for reading room/library hours… inside we set up a table for zine-making. I brought two typewriters and the library had lots of awesome stamps and kids’ books bound for the recycling bin for clip art.

I feel I should confess that I was really nervous; the age group I tend to feel most comfortable around is at the other end of the age spectrum! But after some reassurance from lovely librarian Amy Martin (who set the whole thing up; thank you Amy!!!!!) and spending a few minutes with the kiddos, my anxiety vanished and I didn’t want the day to end, it was so fun and inspiring…

Some pix of what was created:

One little guy was so excited about the typewriter and asked if he could work on his novel and movie script!!

And thanks to dear friend and OPL teen librarian Amy Sonnie for bringing OPL’s teen zine collection for the afternoon!

Oakland Public Library's teen zine collection

Yay kids!!!!  The zine mobile is (more) ready for you : )

an amazing, emerging kids’ library

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the incredible people behind Green Branch Library, an emerging Oakland-based resource library for children and youth, their families, and educators. Green Branch was founded in 2008 by Shari Leskowitz, who wanted to connect her lifelong love of books with her passion for inspiring children to make positive social change in their communities. Since 2008, Shari’s been building an organizational infrastructure and collecting donated books while searching for a physical space to house the library. For now, the collection of books lives in her apartment…

some of the books that have been donated!

If you live in the Bay — or even if you don’t — please consider supporting this awesome project–look HERE for the many ways you can do so!

Also, I was THRILLED to be the library’s first check-out — here’s what I’m borrowing : )


original zine rainbow

Zines that were in the rainbow section listed below…

! ! ! r a i n b o w ! ! !


–       Rat Skull

–       Xtra Tuf No. 5: The Strike Issue

–       The Anarchist Tension

–       When Language Runs Dry: A zine for people with chronic pain and their allies

–       Kyle Like by MC P Pants & Pseudo Spy Master

–       Stolen Sharpie Revolution

–       An Anarchist Critique of Capitalist Globalization

–       Anarchist Moralisty

–       Residue Comics #8

–       Sugar Low/ Sugar High

–       Two speeches by Malcom X

–       Days of War Nights of Love the Bootleg

–       Flowers for Algebra #1

–       Herbivore #13

–       The Failure of Christianity by Emma Goldman

–       Anarchism: The Feminist Connection

–       Surrenderrr Dorothyyyy

–       Fuck Specialists and fucking paying for shit do it yrself… D.I.Y. “How To” Guide

–       Greenzine #14

–       Show me the Money!

–       Cereal Boxes and Milkcrates Zine Libraries and Infoshops are… NOW

–       What I do When You’re Not Looking

–       Girl Talk Volume One

–       Free To Choose: A Women’s Guide to Reproductive Freedom

–       Zapatistas: In Their Own Words

–       28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine # 5

–       Xerography Debt Issue #25

–       Habitual Entertainment #3


–       I Hate This Part of Texas #5

–       Propulsive Utopia

–       Doris #26

–       Communication FUNdamentals

–       Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills

–       Homes Not Jails: The Story of HNJ San Francisco & The Secret Success of a Squatting Movement to House the Homeless

–       28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine #4

–       Herbal First Aid (assembling a natural first aid kit)

–       Dogs without Cars

–       Start Seeing… Sorry… apologies, apologies

–       Suburban Blight

–       Xerography Debt #27

–       The Match! #96

–       Dishwasher #9

–       Give me a dollar!

–       Taking Back our Agriculture: The Power of Money

–       The Sunseed Cook Book: Recipes and ideas for all Sunseed Cooks

–       Peulah Shaveh Chaiyim Action= Life


–       Hothead Paisan #20, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

–      Rad Dad #19

–      Minnow

–      Fucktooth #19

–      Sunseed Desert Technology; The Sunseed Solar Cooking Guide

–       An Unfortunate Mouse in our House

–       The Sunseed Cook Book: Favourite vegan and vegetarian food from the Spanish Project

–       Cooking with Ole Ma’ Tilton: A Cookbook and Cooking Journal

–       Doris #23

–       Prisoners & Partisans: Italian Anarchists in the Struggle Against Fascism

–       RecLAmation

–       Origins and Meaning of WWI by John Zerzan: An Anarchist Examination of WWI’s Roots in the Context of the Social Question and its Dynamics

–       Zine Yearbook #9


–       Keep Fighting TEXAS # 7

–       Learning Good Consent

–       The Sky is a Well, and Other Shorts

–       Revolutionary Self- Theory: A beginners Manual

–       Nebulosi

–       Shut Up & Love the Rain

–       Away with all Cars

–       Fire In the Belly, Space in the Throat

–       DIY or Don’t We? A Zine About Community #1

–       On Subbing: The First Four Years

–       Any Time Now: A Newsletter of Social Anarchism #23

–       Anarchism & Violence

–       28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine #10

–       Support

–       Stinky Grrrl #5

–       D.I.Y. Guide II

–       The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #6: The Life of Lee Harvey Oswald

–       Rad Dad #18 Sex & Love

–       Prison Abolition

–       Xerography Debt: Startling Small Press Pulp Adventure

–       Palestinian Authority Israeli Rule; Understanding the So-called Peace Process and The New Dynamics Between Israel and The Palestinian Leadership


–       Beyond Squat or Rot; Anarchist Approaches to Housing

–       Nbulosi #3

–       Residue #6: Comics to Clean Your Colon

–       Residue #7: Wholesome comics for the entire family

–       28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine (floss) #9 The Dental Issue

–       Dishwasher #13 The Northwest Tour

–       Dishwasher #12

:   :   :   :   :   :   :   :

The zine rainbow lives on in mini form : )

! ! ! m i n i r a i n b o w ! ! !