zine mobile summer adventures

A call for collaborators and a route to come!  In the meantime… the zine mobile will most likely be in these places late June to early August — excited in particular to find roads and places less-traveled — welcoming: smaller cities and towns, intentional communities and land projects, farms, animal sanctuaries, summer camps…




C A N A D A , always…

Interested in organizing an event or know of a place we should go or just have general words of encouragement ?  Get in touch — even if your location isn’t on the list; anything’s possible!  zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com


Pasadena, CA; Most recent donation to zine mobile library, 9-year old comic zine








West Coast Port Shutdown

tomorrow, 12/12, in support of the west coast port shutdown, the zine mobile will serve as a branch of the Occupy/Decolonize Oakland Library. there’s also gonna be a BOOKS ON BIKES BRIGADE!

Here’s where we’ll be — any other updates throughout the day will be posted on twitter ; )

5:30am First march from West Oakland BART to port

:: 11am – 3pm Activities, workshops, speakers, teach-ins at Ogawa/Grant Plaza ::

3:00pm Rally at Ogawa/Grant Plaza

4:00pm Second march from West Oakland BART to port

5:00 pm Third march from West Oakland BART to port

See you there?  Also accepting encouragements and well wishes to pass along from those of you far away!

And hey, do you read this zine?  it’s so good!  it’s one of the only ones i know that provides accessible honest information on our economic system. there’s a companion blog, too!



hand-delivered mail!

The zine mobile is excited to be participating in Lightfoot Post & Mail, a project about encouraging more personal, hand-created correspondence and establishing a delivery system of sustainably-minded traveling postal deputies. Nothing fast and urgent, just slow and easy (tho they’re in the process of setting up a higher-speed delivery system for when that’s necessary!)

Read more about the philosophy of Lightfoot here. Anyone can participate as a letter-writer and/or deliverer; Lightfoot mailboxes are already located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Spain, Italy, the Virgin Islands, Brooklyn, Toronto, Minneapolis, Madison (see here for the current Lightfoot Box list!) — and/or you can also set up your own!

I picked up three letters in Madison that were Westward bound… I haven’t yet made it to their destinations (which are intentionally blurred out in the photo for the sake of privacy) but will be soon!! And no, the typewriter isn’t part of the delivery; it’s just a prop ; )

Cooooooool huh??!!!!


Pix of Oscar Grant Library at Occupy Oakland

I just found a few more photos I’d taken of the Oscar Grant/Occupy Oakland Library tent — these are from a few weeks ago, before it was moved to the periphery of the plaza. After it was moved, the camp was raided for the second time by police. Fortunately micro branches were already being set up before the second raid — Rock, Paper, Scissors and Brown Couch Cafe each have a selection of books that were donated to the Occupy/Oscar Grant Library; more to come!

I already posted these last week, but in the interest of keeping them all together…


Oakland + kids + zines!!

Yesterday was the zine mobile’s first youth-centered event — I parked outside the downtown Oakland Public Library and opened the zine mobile for reading room/library hours… inside we set up a table for zine-making. I brought two typewriters and the library had lots of awesome stamps and kids’ books bound for the recycling bin for clip art.

I feel I should confess that I was really nervous; the age group I tend to feel most comfortable around is at the other end of the age spectrum! But after some reassurance from lovely librarian Amy Martin (who set the whole thing up; thank you Amy!!!!!) and spending a few minutes with the kiddos, my anxiety vanished and I didn’t want the day to end, it was so fun and inspiring…

Some pix of what was created:

One little guy was so excited about the typewriter and asked if he could work on his novel and movie script!!

And thanks to dear friend and OPL teen librarian Amy Sonnie for bringing OPL’s teen zine collection for the afternoon!

Oakland Public Library's teen zine collection

Yay kids!!!!  The zine mobile is (more) ready for you : )

open library hours/zine-making at Oakland Public Library tomorrow!

From 2-5 tomorrow (Tuesday), the zine mobile will be parked on Oak Street behind the downtown Oakland library with open library/reading room hours — AND!! Inside in the Kids’ Section a station will bet up for zine-making. Supplies (paper, pens, typewriters, etc.) will be provided but feel free to bring your own as well!

Though this activity is especially for the wee(er) ones, ALL are invited and welcome : )

Pic from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:OPLMain.jpg); i turned the sky pink ; )