Oakland, tomorrow/Sunday!!

Come out to this!!! Featuring a mini-zine challenge at the cutest little magazine shop in the world!!!!!





thank you, madison!

madison zinefest was awesome and a lot of work!! i feel shy and awkward on either side of a table, but there would’ve been too much distance between the van and zinefest space to set up outside. i brought the healing/wellness, do-it-yourself/how to, comics/comix, political, librarian-made, and bike sections inside, and set up next to rainbow bookstore cooperative : ) everyone was supportive and excited and doing all kinds of amazing work — lots of zine-makers donated copies of their zines to the library, 14 people checked out zines to be mailed back to the zine mobile in a couple weeks in California, and people chipped in for gas money to help the zine mobile actually get to the west coast — coooool!!!

later that night it was post-zinefest karaoke at mother fool’s coffeehouse — despite some technical difficulties it was super fun — lotsa people sang and we feasted on vegan pumpkin cupcakes, blueberry kombucha, teas, and coffee. outside the fly away zine mobile was open for library hours and lounging — and as a special last-minute surprise, the junk drawer (zine) mobile, curated by eric who does Junk Drawer Zine out of chicago, was also parked and open for visitors!

so much thanks to:  j (unich) horn for co-organizing the karaoke festivities; allie for the purrrfect emceeing; john and stephanie of mother fools for giving karaoke night a try; claire (snaggle tooth arts, madison) for the beautiful poster; josh(uA) and brian for last minute help; eric for creative joining; kevin for help schlepping the fly away library into/out of the zinefest space; ani, lily, andrew, monica, sarah, nina, ian, and all former and current mother fools staff for being the best; celia for the special halloween delivery; jenna for the zine and ongoing enthusiasm and support; madison zinefest organizers jessica, matt, and jennifer; megan/Wisconsin Book Festival; Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative for hosting an open mic zine reading; Project Lodge for hosting a zines/music night; Paradise Lounge for hosting post-zinefest boozing; and to the amazing Madison InfoShop for hosting an open house in celebration of their awesome zine collection ; )

apologies for neglecting (once again) to take photos of the festivities. here are some chicken friends i said farewell to before getting on the road —

and a tiny manx kitty i had the pleasure of spending time with in madison : )


Madison Zinefest!

Excited for all the events in celebration of Madison Zinefest, which is part of the Wisconsin Book Festival!!

THURSDAY, October 20: ZINEFEST OPEN MIC…  7pm, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, 426 W. Gilman St. A place for all zine-makers to try out their material in a format they might not normally get to:  out loud, in front of a receptive audience!  All ages and free!

FRIDAY, October 21: ZINES, COMICS, LIFE (AND MUSIC)… 7pm, The Project Lodge, 817 E. Johnson St… presentations, discussions, and music in celebration of zine culture!  $5 requested donation.

SATURDAY, October 22: *****ZINEFEST*****… 10am-6pm, Varsity Hall at Union South, 1308 W. Dayton St… tables of zine-makers and space set aside for people to make their own zines!  All ages and free!

SATURDAY, October 22: POST-ZINEFEST KARAOKE, HOSTED BY THE FLY AWAY ZINE MOBILE… 8-10:30pm, Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse, 1101 Williamson St… The zine mobile will be parked outside with open library hours and will provide a space for a free swap!! All ages and free!

SATURDAY, October 22: POST-ZINEFEST BOOZING… 10pm, Paradise Lounge, 119 W. Main St… informal gathering of libation-seeking thing-makers!

Come one, come all!!

upcoming open library hours and events!

Always free and all ages (please note tho that the Zines For/By Kids section is currently lacking — if you’d like to help by creating and/or donating more kid zines, please do!)

*Week of September 12…

Tuesday, 9/13, 3-6pm: zine waterfall!! Minnehaha Falls parking lot, 4801 South Minnehaha Park Dr., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, 9/15, 3-6pm: open hours at Crystal Beach Park, 1101 Crystal Lake Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/16, 10:30am-2:30pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday, 9/17, 11:00am-3:00pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

*Week of September 19…

Tuesday, 9/20, 3-6pm: special event at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, on the Plaza outside the library, 1501 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come to the Make-A-Mini-Zine Challenge : )

Thursday, 9/22: open hours outside the Augustana Care Center/Nursing Home, in the parking lot, 14650 Garrett Ave, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/24: in support of Twin Cities Zine Fest, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota


More open hours/events posted as they’re confirmed — if you’re interested in bringing the zine mobile to your town, please get in touch — zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

* What’s a zine mobile? A little traveling library of self-published magazines… Come see for yourself! Borrow a zine to read later and/or hang out in the tiny mobile zine library/reading room.

Current sections include: Do-it-yourself/how-to, healing/wellness, comics, personal zines, political zines, prison(er) zines, poetry/literature zines, field guides, newsprint, magazines, coloring/activity zines, and zines encouraging freely sharing information and resources rather than copyrighting/privatizing it. for more spontaneous browsing, the van’s cubbies hold lots of little zines, organized by shape/size rather than contents/information. feel free to explore!

* share and/or learn zine-making skills (typewriter, pens, suitable-but-not-spectacular long-arm stapler, markers, paper, assistance provided to make a one-page mini zine)

* meet zeik, a 17-year old traveling cat (if z isn’t taking a nap under the van, that is)

* donate magnets and/or scrap to be decoupaged to the outside of the zine mobile to celebrate Autumn!

* donate your zine(s) to this free, circulating collection–particularly seeking handmade zines, resource/how-to zines, zines about bicycling and alternative transportation, zines about making your own shelter, (mobile)homesteading, and zines about self-healing and wellness.

M i n n e a p o l i s – – t o n i g h t ! !

Apologies for the last minute post…

The little zine mobile is sooo excited to be doing an event with the Moveable Type Truck and the Zine Apothecary… TONIGHT in MINNEAPOLIS!!!!

First, head to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (1011 Washington Ave S) from 5pm-7pm for a visit with Kyle Durrie and her mobile letterpress studio, pictured below. At 6pm Kyle will show slides. Pull a print in the mobile studio and hear about the life of the itinerant letterpress printer.

At 8pm, the Type Truck and the Fly Away Zine Mobile will pull into the Zine Apothecary library (3310 15th Ave S) for an afterparty potluck with zines and zinemakers. Bring the bounty from your garden or a treat to share, and we’ll take over the alley with underground press and zine-y fun times.

Potluck + letterpress studio + 2 zine libraries = an amazing night!!!!

Des Moines, part II!

Took the Zine Mobile to see/support the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army, a touring puppet show trying to raise awareness about the negative effects of the prison system. A tiny clip:

The show was in the lounge of Best Place Ever, an amazing video store in Des Moines specializing in obscure/independent films. They even invited Zeik in, the Zine Mobile kitty (more on that later!) inside…

Invited people out to the Zine Mobile before and after the show, and picked up more zines from their great collection!