hand-delivered mail!

The zine mobile is excited to be participating in Lightfoot Post & Mail, a project about encouraging more personal, hand-created correspondence and establishing a delivery system of sustainably-minded traveling postal deputies. Nothing fast and urgent, just slow and easy (tho they’re in the process of setting up a higher-speed delivery system for when that’s necessary!)

Read more about the philosophy of Lightfoot here. Anyone can participate as a letter-writer and/or deliverer; Lightfoot mailboxes are already located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Spain, Italy, the Virgin Islands, Brooklyn, Toronto, Minneapolis, Madison (see here for the current Lightfoot Box list!) — and/or you can also set up your own!

I picked up three letters in Madison that were Westward bound… I haven’t yet made it to their destinations (which are intentionally blurred out in the photo for the sake of privacy) but will be soon!! And no, the typewriter isn’t part of the delivery; it’s just a prop ; )

Cooooooool huh??!!!!



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