rest in peace, sweet zine mobile kitty

♥ Hi friends — There’ve been some hard times over at the zine mobile batcave… First a few mechanical setbacks at the beginning of fall… then Zeik, the zine mobile kitty, died. He was 17, so it wasn’t unexpected, but it’s been a big blow nonetheless. Aside from being a source of soft sweetness to visitors and companionship for me, Zeik’s presence during open library hours also helped keep the zine mobile out of ‘creep van’ territory and more in the realm of crazy cat lady territory ; )

basking in the warmth, reaching for the tall zines
walkin thru the heart hoop that holds the bike zines
a little nap in the grass

He died peacefully in one of his favorite resting spots — next to the gas pedal of the zine mobile.

I’m still pretty stunned, but I know I need to carry on… Madison Zinefest is this weekend — more info on that and other things soon.

All love to you, Zeik… thank you for an amazing 17 years ♥





5 thoughts on “rest in peace, sweet zine mobile kitty

  1. I love the stretchy kitty photo, and also the one of him in the heart, oh and in the meadow, too. I’m so sad I never got to share the zine mobile with Zeik, but I’m glad he was a part of it. Also, there is no such thing as a crazy cat lady. The crazies are the people who don’t understand the love between a cat and its human. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. thank you jenna!!!! i’m sad you never got to meet/travel with him, too — you two would have LOVED each other so much. and good point about the crazies ; ) ♥ ♥ ♥… xoxo!

    1. I’m still thinking about the tour tattoo, as well. We might have to do it. Maybe during spring break in Canada!

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