upcoming open library hours and events!

Always free and all ages (please note tho that the Zines For/By Kids section is currently lacking — if you’d like to help by creating and/or donating more kid zines, please do!)

*Week of September 12…

Tuesday, 9/13, 3-6pm: zine waterfall!! Minnehaha Falls parking lot, 4801 South Minnehaha Park Dr., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, 9/15, 3-6pm: open hours at Crystal Beach Park, 1101 Crystal Lake Rd, Burnsville, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/16, 10:30am-2:30pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday, 9/17, 11:00am-3:00pm: open hours in support of the Anarchist Book Fair, with the Zine Apothecary, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

*Week of September 19…

Tuesday, 9/20, 3-6pm: special event at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, on the Plaza outside the library, 1501 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come to the Make-A-Mini-Zine Challenge : )

Thursday, 9/22: open hours outside the Augustana Care Center/Nursing Home, in the parking lot, 14650 Garrett Ave, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Saturday, 9/24: in support of Twin Cities Zine Fest, Powderhorn Park lot, 3400 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota


More open hours/events posted as they’re confirmed — if you’re interested in bringing the zine mobile to your town, please get in touch — zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

* What’s a zine mobile? A little traveling library of self-published magazines… Come see for yourself! Borrow a zine to read later and/or hang out in the tiny mobile zine library/reading room.

Current sections include: Do-it-yourself/how-to, healing/wellness, comics, personal zines, political zines, prison(er) zines, poetry/literature zines, field guides, newsprint, magazines, coloring/activity zines, and zines encouraging freely sharing information and resources rather than copyrighting/privatizing it. for more spontaneous browsing, the van’s cubbies hold lots of little zines, organized by shape/size rather than contents/information. feel free to explore!

* share and/or learn zine-making skills (typewriter, pens, suitable-but-not-spectacular long-arm stapler, markers, paper, assistance provided to make a one-page mini zine)

* meet zeik, a 17-year old traveling cat (if z isn’t taking a nap under the van, that is)

* donate magnets and/or scrap to be decoupaged to the outside of the zine mobile to celebrate Autumn!

* donate your zine(s) to this free, circulating collection–particularly seeking handmade zines, resource/how-to zines, zines about bicycling and alternative transportation, zines about making your own shelter, (mobile)homesteading, and zines about self-healing and wellness.


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