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Driving from Pasadena to Oakland, Justin Bieber on the radio… dedicated to a dear almost-11 (!) year old friend of the zine mobile, Rumi in Burnsville, Minnesota… !!

zine mobile summer adventures

A call for collaborators and a route to come!  In the meantime… the zine mobile will most likely be in these places late June to early August — excited in particular to find roads and places less-traveled — welcoming: smaller cities and towns, intentional communities and land projects, farms, animal sanctuaries, summer camps…




C A N A D A , always…

Interested in organizing an event or know of a place we should go or just have general words of encouragement ?  Get in touch — even if your location isn’t on the list; anything’s possible!  zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com

Is there anything more awesome than a zine made by a 9-year old?  Thank you Fyn for donating your incredible comics to the zine mobile library — and thank you Lindsey for delivering it : )

upcoming zine fests

the zine mobile is excited to be participating… see you there???!!

Twin Cities Zine Fest —— SEPTEMBER 22, 2012

Albuquerque Zine Fest —— OCTOBER 5-6, 2012 

more on summer adventures and the search for a bigger zine mobile SOON!

From East Bay Zine Fest (11/27/11 at 924 Gilman)! 

The Zine Mobile got some neon pink spraypaint and an anatomical heart in Pittsburgh!

Day off in Pittsburgh, walked through the cemetery on Butler Street, saw this…

Zine Reading in Pittsburgh at Lili Coffeeshop!

Rest stop (no event) in Yellow Springs, Ohio… midway between Murfreesboro Tennessee and Pittsburgh.

Orderly Disorder Zinester Librarians in Circulation Summer Tour 2011 participants John Alexander Stephens, Celia Perez, and Jenna Freedman


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