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On the Road to New Orleans, Day 3

Good morning from the Country Junction truck stop in Missouri!

In Brookhaven, Mississippi, some donuts and a visit to an office supply store across from the library in search of magnets for the outside of the Zine Mobile…

Then off to McComb, Mississippi… spent the afternoon and evening at the train station –

Right after I took this, a police car drove up and asked what I was doing — I had a can of spray paint in hand because I was spray-painting magnets for the outside of the Zine Mobile. He suggested rather than silver paint, I try black paint on a silver background. I said, “Oh so you don’t mind that we’re here hanging out here?” He said, “As long as you’re not huffin it, I don’t care what you’re doin!” ; ) Awesome.

A few hours later, the clouds gathered…

And then…. a thunderstorm and a RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!

On the Road to New Orleans, Day 1

Belated update!  Finding internet access on the road has proven more difficult than I anticipated… I’ve set up a Zine Mobile site on Tumblr, too, which I think might be easier to update with photos. I’m gonna experiment with both to see which is easier.


About to get on the road from Minneapolis… Huge thanks to Kariann Blank and Jessica Horn for last minute help!!

Stopping for gas somewhere in Iowa…

Drove from 6pm til 2am, pulled off to get gas and was soooo relieved to see a truck stop to sleep at!


More pix of the Zine Mobile…

Outside (many thanks to Kariann Blank for the chrome letter idea!)

Sections, clockwise:  Fun & Games, Love, Healing/Wellness, Zine Mobile Travel Log, Comics/Drawings, Prisons

Above: Tiny one-page zine feature; Below: Tall zines!

Stamps for the signs : )

Playing with wooden letters : )

… More tomorrow …

inside the Zine Mobile

Sections: Rainbow, DIY/How To (above), Beige is Not Boring (right)


Minis and Tinys (above and to right), plus from left to right, Travel, Political, Brocures/Pamphlets

As the sign says…

Field Guides; Poetry/Spoken Word; Perzines . . .

. . . More tomorrow!!


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