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On the Road to New Orleans, Day 4

Woke up and attached the spraypainted magnetic letters to the front of the Zine Mobile that had been drying overnight (thanks to Jon Hain for this most excellent idea)!!  Still planning on getting a CB radio and external speaker that would function as a megaphone to announce our arrival ; ) And maybe one of those magnet siren lights for atop?

After the letters were attached I realized how completely filthy the Zine Mobile was from its long drive, so decided to get a carwash. Have you ever seen a carwash in negative?  Here’s your chance…

I’m so unaccustomed to getting carwashes that I neglected to notice the windows were still open in the middle of the van. Fortunately they’re small, and nothing was ruined.

After that we returned to the abandoned (and rebuilt) train station… I touched up the letters with more spraypaint while Jessica Horn — incredibly gracious and enthusiastically helpful travel partner — cataloged the zines currently in the collection (will post that list soon!)


Attached the letters and departed for New Orleans!!


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