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M i n n e a p o l i s – – t o n i g h t ! !

Apologies for the last minute post…

The little zine mobile is sooo excited to be doing an event with the Moveable Type Truck and the Zine Apothecary… TONIGHT in MINNEAPOLIS!!!!

First, head to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (1011 Washington Ave S) from 5pm-7pm for a visit with Kyle Durrie and her mobile letterpress studio, pictured below. At 6pm Kyle will show slides. Pull a print in the mobile studio and hear about the life of the itinerant letterpress printer.

At 8pm, the Type Truck and the Fly Away Zine Mobile will pull into the Zine Apothecary library (3310 15th Ave S) for an afterparty potluck with zines and zinemakers. Bring the bounty from your garden or a treat to share, and we’ll take over the alley with underground press and zine-y fun times.

Potluck + letterpress studio + 2 zine libraries = an amazing night!!!!

Des Moines, part II!

Took the Zine Mobile to see/support the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army, a touring puppet show trying to raise awareness about the negative effects of the prison system. A tiny clip:

The show was in the lounge of Best Place Ever, an amazing video store in Des Moines specializing in obscure/independent films. They even invited Zeik in, the Zine Mobile kitty (more on that later!) inside…

Invited people out to the Zine Mobile before and after the show, and picked up more zines from their great collection!

Des Moines!

Huge thanks to Finder’s Creepers, a HORROR-THEMED ART GALLERY (!!), for hosting this event! Huge thanks as well to Becky Kessel, who organized it — and to her and many others for making food, donating zines, and coming out with enthusiasm despite the extreme heat (97 degrees!).

I took a few photos, but neglected to ask permission from people about posting their pix, so I’ll just post these…



New Orleans kick-off!

Huge thanks to Tulane University’s Nadine Vorhoff Library for hosting such a fantastic kick-off event! Thanks to librarian Bea Calvert, to everyone who came out to hear/support, and to guest readers Clara Hendricks, Kate Angell, and Robb Roemershauser. Didn’t take many photos, but there was a professional photographer there, so hope to get better pix later!

Nadine Vorhoff Library’s zine collection

Bea Calvert welcoming/introducing…


Zine Mobile Launch!!

Still recovering from the excitement of last weekend!  So grateful to be part of Constellation: A backyard arts expedition, and launch alongside our sister project, the Zine Apothecary, a zine library in a GARAGE in South Minneapolis!

More updates soon… meantime, enjoy these photos : )

Pre-launch organizing…

Friday night pre-launch…

Setting up outside:

We didn’t have time for a zine-making workshop, but we did have a Paper Tweet Station : )

Huge thanks to Lacey Prpić Hedtke and Kevin Loecke, Constellation organizers, for welcoming our participation! We can’t wait to get on the road to your town…


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